a wedding & portrait

Syd / Dec 13 (SOLD OUT)
Mel / Dec 20 (SOLD OUT)

2018 -- book now:
Adl / Apr 4 (SOLD OUT)
PER / May 30 (4 seats remaining)
MEL / July 11
BRIS / july 18

2018 -- Releasing soon:
Syd / JULY 4


"The best workshop I've been to by a distance. Such incredible content. "


"If you are considering whether or not to do the Transplant workshop, just think of the best day you have ever spent shooting and discussing wedding photography...now double it! Absolute game changer! Cheers for being such an open book Oli! Legend!"

"This workshop will change the way you think about everything"

"I followed Oli's work for years online and couldn't have been more excited when he announced the workshop. It lift up to all my expectations and it couldn't have been run by anyone more inspiring than him. Top bloke, crazy talented and super down to earth! Can only highly recommend."


Transplant: creative brain surgery, minus the mess.

a one-day workshop for wedding/portrait photographers


Transplant is a one-day workshop anchored in the belief that in creativity & business, a constant state of curiosity is king, and is what will set us apart and keep us in love with our craft. This curiosity is the first thing to get dissolved when we get busy, scared, or too immersed in our own industry.

There's never been a more exciting time to make images. We have over 100 years of image-making history behind us, and everyone now has access to the same tools. 

So, how do we stand out and find our point of difference, and make something that will work for the long haul? We embrace getting uncomfortable. 

We'll throw "passion" away, and focus on the stuff that really matters: working hard to make valuable work for people. This is done through taking on an open and curious mindset, and setting a strong business backbone that lets us service that.

I'm pleased to be running these as my first workshops since 2014.

100% lactose free


9 out of 10 doctors recommend

Transplant one-day workshop. 
Learning broken up into chunks, small and large. 


One day,
cracked open
into sections.


Tricks in the bag. Sometimes it’s to help solve a problem, other times it’s just to keep us interested and curious. Practical magic covers some nifty technical techniques that will break us out of a rut.

Chasing dark:
Manipulating light

How to find great opportunities in unassuming locations, how to move around and dance with natural light, and use limitation to inspire lateral thinking. We can do a lot with a little, and stretching the mind starts with scarcity.

Shooting film
in 2017

Fall in love with the craft, intrigue your clients, & look like you know something the others don't. We’ll take a brief look at shooting medium & large format, how to meter for light, and how and where to buy, process & edit film.


Making & Breaking Storytelling

When everyone's marketing themselves as a storyteller, how do we *actually* tell more compelling stories? We’ll go over traditional linear storytelling, and then touch on dynamic ways of making humans feel through images.

impractical magic:
using ambiguity

Some of the best work we make comes out of the gaps in the middle. The silence, the awkwardness, the tension. Find out how to use those tools in a calculated way, and let go of the type of artist you think you are.

From the ad-agency,
with love

The business end of things. Processes and workflow matter. We'll look at a lean end-to-end process, to avoid backlog, and the nuts and bolts of making the business tick so creativity can shine.

We'll also touch on branding - do's & dont's, where to find design inspiration that will set you apart from the current trends, and how to properly insert yourself into your branding. My end-to-end workflow thats lightning efficient (after exploring being on the other side of the coin in depth), and all the other bits and bobs: album design, editing, and more. 


I've made truck-seats, credit cards, pillows and KFC salt. Now I chase people around with cameras - from backyards in Jersey to ships in Antarctica.



/ May 30

Transplant Perth
690.00 760.00

Transplant 1-day workshop in Perth. Location Oxford Hotel. Includes lunch, tea, coffee, snacks. 

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/ July 11

Transplant Melbourne
690.00 760.00

Transplant 1-day workshop in Melbourne. Includes lunch, tea, coffee, snacks. 

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/ July 18

Transplant Brisbane
690.00 760.00

Transplant 1-day workshop in Brisbane. Location Oxford Hotel. Includes lunch, tea, coffee, snacks. 

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Not your city?

Send forth your disgruntlement to brain@transplantschool.com and let's see what we can do.





Who is this for?

Mostly, wedding/portrait photographers - intermediate and upwards. If you're more on the beginner end of the dial, there will still be a truckload of useful information. Probably a dangerous amount to get you started. If unsure, send me an email.


the wiggles launched a special 18+ tour that night. can i get a refund?

Seats are able to be exchanged/sold-on to a friend. No refunds are available.


what do i need to bring?

Bring your laptop, a selection of recent work, your camera, a single lens, a sense of wonder.


is there a payment plan available?

Yes. If you're having trouble but really want to come, email me at brain@transplantschool.com


I'm pretty interested, but still aren't sure if it's for me

Email me at brain@transplantschool.com and i'll answer any more questions you have.


is this catered?

Tea, coffee, snacks, and lunch are provided on the main learning day. and maybe even some cheeky drinks afterwards. Dinner that night, and everything the night prior is your responsibility.


Where are these held?

Sydney: The Hello May HQ warehouse, Caringbah, Sydney. It's about a 50 minute drive from the CBD.

Melbourne: Tanglewood Estate. Now this is also a little further out from the CBD, but we have access to all the incredibly beautiful grounds and buildings. You can drive up and back on the day of very easily, but my recommendation would be to book some accommodation nearby the night before at the very least, so you can enjoy the hangs and introductions the evening before. 

Adelaide: TBC, but it will be very accessible

Perth: The Oxford Hotel