brain surgery,
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From chasing Bruce Springsteen around a Jersey house, to 80 scientists around Antarctica.

I'm hired to make people feel through image in all sorts of weird and wonderful scenarios, and at Transplant i'll share the elements that I think are important in creating compelling, relevant work and staying in love with the craft.


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01. Play is your best camera.

This session focuses on building your creative vocabulary, and using “play” as a tool to inspire creative thinking. Ever noticed that coffee tastes remarkably different to how a bag of fresh beans smells? The whole charade is about the chase. There’s a lot to be taken from that We’ll use the Transplant Challenge App to help with this. 


02. Making & Breaking storytelling

How to we *actually* tell more compelling stories? This session focuses on 3 explicit techniques to change the way in which you think about storytelling and having your work connect with a viewer, using elements of surprise, intrigue, and breaking the viewers expectation of how a story is told. We’ll go over traditional linear storytelling, then break this and explore its use in a blogging and marketing context.


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